Each year, ChooseMyCompany publishes its HappyAtSchool® rankings that showcases the schools and universities offering the best student experience! 

HappyAtSchool® is the only certification and school ranking that is based 100% on the opinion of students.Your feedback will directly impact your school's reputation.

This survey is independent and anonymous.
Your school will not have access to your individual data, regardless of any possible cross-referencing in the analysis of the data.

Only consolidated data is made available to your school. So please answer freely and take advantage of the open questions to share your point of view! Thank you for your trust!

- The HappyAtSchool® team at ChooseMyCompany

This survey is completely anonymous. Your personal answers will be masked and will remain strictly anonymous.  In accordance with CNIL / Data Protection Agency recommendations, answers to questions concerning gender identity and self-description as minority are optional, and the information gathered is processed within a legal framework for the sole purpose of producing consolidated statistics.  This information is rendered anonymous at the time of processing by ChooseMyCompany, which has taken all possible steps to eliminate any link between this data and other identifying data, making it impossible to use it for any other purposes.